Sam Ronan

Sam Ronan believes in our democracy and the power of the people. He has dedicated his entire adult life to service to his countrymen through:

Running for State Representative in 2016,
DNC Chair in 2017, and
Congress in 2018
and his Military Service with the United States Air Force.

Ronan has founded Our Voice USA which went on to develop the Hello Voter App, fulfilling his vision of creating free and accessible software. In doing so, he replaced the complex NPGVAN / Votebuilder, a privately held software leased to Democratic candidates that have the big money to pay for it). He and his team know the Democratic Party can be the party of the future.

Now with the ongoing corruption of the Democratic Party during the 2016 and 2020 Presidential Election Cycles, Sam Ronan feels the need to stand up for the American citizens once again by calling for the resignation of Tom Perez, and pursuing the Chairmanship again for the DNC. His goals are a total #DemTakeOver with reform, and accountability as the primary objective! 

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