Who is Sam Ronan?

Samuel Ronan is a United States Veteran, Organizer and Immigrant, who believes in putting people first and politics second. Born in Germany, His father was a soldier in the US Army, and his mother was a German Dental Assistant. The couple fell in love and moved to the United States. After several years of moving around the country, the family ended up settling in Lancaster Ohio. Samuel was 6 years old when he arrived in what became the city and state that he would call home.

An accomplished student, Sam graduated with Honors from Lancaster High School, scored Summa cum laude on the National Latin Exam in the 9th grade. He was a foreign exchange student his senior year of High School at the prestigious Rotary International Organization, and was a student ambassador to Rosenheim Germany for 10 months. During his early education, he would make life long friends and memories that would form the bedrock for his early adult life.

Upon completing his time in Germany, Sam returned to the United States and had his eyes set on furthering his education in college. Sam applied to, and was accepted by, Wright State University. His intentions were to receive a BA in Computer Science and commission into the United States Air Force. Unfortunately, those dreams would have to be put on hold. The year was 2008 and the great recession reared it's ugly head forcing Sam to put his collegiate dreams on hold. Despite this setback, Sam was determined to do everything he could to serve his country.

 Sam took his ASVAB, enlisted as a PMEL troop in the United States Air Force, and embarked on his active duty military career in November of 2009. His first duty station was Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan. It was here that he began his five and a half years of active duty service to our nation. Within the first two years, Sam earned an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences through the Community College of the Air Force. In conjunction with this accomplishment, he earned an early promotion through the “Below the Zone” program and conducted Wing Level training events with Self Aid and Buddy Care (SABC) demonstrations.

His next duty station was at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here he continued serving with distinction, and brought his own unique visionary perspective to the New Work Center by implementing a unique program that streamlined the reception of new equipment. This innovation alleviated hundreds of man hours and eliminated customer confusion. He'd then go on to serve in the Base Honor Guard where he acquitted himself honorably after having performed dozens of funerals, military ceremonies, and having lead over a quarter of the Military Honors himself. 

Sam was personally selected to be one of two Squadron Level Deployment Monitors and, within 30 days of accepting the new position, he managed to cut the nonconformity rate of unit by 50%, spearhead the merger process of 2 squadrons (comprised of over 600 members), and maintained flawless personnel records. Sam demonstrated his leadership skills by helping other squadrons reduce their nonconformity rate through implementing many of the measures that were successful in his own squadron. Overall, his efforts resulted in a 97% conformity rate across newly minted squadrons, and resulted in 600 members taking the position as a Unit Deployment Monitor within 4 months. 

During the last year of active duty service in the United States Air Force, he began preparations for his political activism. Having had to endure and witness first hand the gross misconduct of our nations elected leaders and their abuse of power that resulted in a two week government shutdown in October of 2013—which lead to sequester the worst budget cuts in our nation's history. Sam knew in order to fulfill his oath to serve our country he would have to seek a different path. Thus, began his efforts to build a platform and a political base focusing on putting the American People first and politics second! 

Two years later: Sam established the “Average Joe's Initiative”, and developed a solid strategy to show the American People that they can, and that they will, make a difference in their nation. He is showing that all people have to do is believe in their own strength through solidarity! Sam approached his County Democratic Party with a clear and fresh vision for the future of the country and was recommended to run for the 62nd State Representative position in 2016, where he was chosen as the Democrats nominee for the seat. Undaunted by the countless hurdles he faced, Sam is determined to establish his political vision for the future of our country. Sam demonstrates the American dream through action by showing that a temporary setback is merely an opportunity to achieve something special. This is an essential quality lacking in today's political leadership. 

Sam embodies the Average Joe spirit in more ways than one. He is 30 years old which enables him to affiliate with other like minded millennials who are struggling. Living pay check to pay check, barely making it through this dire and ridged economy. He is able to empathize with the American People during these dark hours of disassociation with our nations government and political structure. As a Veteran that currently still serves in the United States Air Force Reserves, he knows first hand the horrors of war, how difficult the VA is, and how applying for government assistance—or simply financing health care premiums—can be. He has experienced what its like to live pay check to pay check, and has learned full well the value of each dollar. His status as an immigrant grants him the invaluable perspective that everyone deserves a fair chance at success regardless of ethnic background, religious affiliation or national heritage.

In summation, Samuel Ronan embodies every tenant of the regular American Citizen. Sam understands us, because he IS us. He is truly a man of the people, without having to put on a show. He was born from a blue collar family, he has worked from the bottom, and he shows exceptional skill and talent as a leader. Furthermore, he has proven throughout his life to be tenacious when facing adversity. His candidacy is a testament to his want to right the wrongs of our political system, and willingness to restore the promise of the American People as the masters of our own fate. 

When Sam says that “Together we can, and we will make a difference!” he voices a rallying cry to the American People.

 By supporting Sam Ronan in this race for DNC chair, getting involved in your local communities, and talking to your national committee members you can help support Immigrants, veterans, youth and the disenfranchised throughout our nation.

No matter what your race, age, religion, sexual orientation, or your gender; Sam will fight for you because Sam believes in People First and politics second.

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