Black Lives Matter is Not a Terrorist Organization.

Angela Purnell


We often hear the comparison of BLM to Antifa, or other terrorist organizations. They have been called “domestic terrorists” by many. So what comes to mind when you hear the term “domestic terrorist?” I have never seen Black Lives Matter support an agenda of racial superiority, nor the oppression of any other race. Black Lives Matter has never hung people from trees, set people on fire, burnt crosses or any other symbol on other peoples property. BLM has never massacred and burnt down entire towns of one particular ethnicity. They have never used 15 sticks of dynamite to bomb a place of worship resulting in the death of four innocent young girls.

No member of Black Lives Matter has ever walked in to a church, manipulated the members in to accepting them as one of their own and then opened fire killing 9 innocent people. No member of Black Lives Matter has ever walked in to a movie theatre, a night club, an elementary school, a high school and just started shooting killing innocent people in mass. Nor has any member of BLM ever driven in to a crowd of peaceful protesters injuring many and taking the innocent lives of American citizens who were exercising their First Amendment Right.

Black Lives Matter is only considered a threat by a racist President, white supremacist lawmakers and political leaders as well as white nationalists/nazi sympathizers. They dare demand equality and justice
from a system that has strategically and methodically demonized and oppressed them for the last 400 years. They threaten to shatter the fallacy of white supremacy by being viewed, and treated, as equal to
white men. White men do not want to view white women as equal to them. So just imagine how they feel about BLACK men and women in terms of equality. Why is this such a threat? Well, let's face it, without
the image of supremacy, what do they have left but the truth of who they really are? Savage and brutal rapists, murderers, colonizers and warmongers. Power hungry and driven by greed.

How can we change this egregiously imbalanced justice system out of the hands of the delusional alt-right control and finally create a true democracy that can live up to “land of the free, home of the brave”?
Institutional changes that promote and demand justice and liberty for ALL.

Sam Ronan promotes, encourages and supports this change in his Civil Rights policy as well as his Truth and Reconciliation Policy. He is just as disgusted by the historical and present day atrocities that our
black American brothers and sisters endure day after day, generation after generation. He has vowed to change this. Not just in word, but in action. In reparations and in a healing process that our nation so
desperately needs. 

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