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As much as we proclaim our country to be a nation of many, for too long, we have been guilty of disparaging against our minority populations. For too long, the terms American and White have been synonymous. Meanwhile, everyone else needs to identify with a Demographic and a hyphen. For too long have Black Americans, Immigrants, people of other faiths, gender identities, and sexual orientations have been treated as less than citizens, and worse still, less than human. From slavery, to the murder of LGBTQUIA, to the White Supremacist Marches, and profiling of Muslim communities our country has a history of discrimination, cruelty, and brutality towards any demographic that isn’t white. That must come to an immediate and swift end.

There is no excuse, no explanation, nor justification that Systemic racism, or oppression still exists in our financial, judicial, and policing institutions. That getting an interview is predicated on how “ethnic sounding” the name on the header is, or getting into college is littered with dogma about quotas being met, are legitimate concerns. It should not be a concern that voter ID laws are put in place to disenfranchise communities of color. Or that voting places are in areas difficult to access by inner city, and poor communities. It should not be grounds for dismissal or lack of service just for loving someone of the same sex. It certainly should not put your personal safety into question for wearing a Hijab, Niquab, Angarkha, turban, kilt, or other cultural clothing in public spaces.

We are a diverse nation and we should embrace that fact. Not fear it nor hide from it, let alone try and Change it!

Our country has committed unspeakable crimes against those same diverse populations. Women do not have body autonomy, black Americans and minorities get harassed by law enforcement, are charged higher interest rates, have their property values lowered for existing there, and worse. The LGBTQIA community has barely won the right to marry and are facing Alt-Right push back from employers to fire them outright, deny them entry into the Armed Forces, and service for “strongly held” religious beliefs. We need to combat these crimes in their respective areas.


For the African American Community reparations is something often discussed as an “extreme leftist” policy that rarely gets any air time or policy consideration, however if the South can get paid Separations, and Plantation owners the cost of their “lost property”, then the decedents of the victims of Slavery and worse, should be compensated as well! There are several ways this can take place, and I would like to enumerate several of them.

  • All African American’s who are at least 3rd generation are entitled to free Education for life - This would be nullified if Universal Education were to come into effect.
  •  All African American’s who are at least 3rd generation are entitled to free Health Care for life - This would be nullified if Universal Health Care were to come into effect.
  •  All African American’s who are at least 3rd generation are entitled to a Basic Income of $1,000/month for life starting at age 18 - This would be in addition to Universal Basic Income, if it were to come into effect.
  • All African American’s who are at least 3rd generation are entitled to interest free loans for housing, auto purchases, and small business loans.

Since money and benefits can never make up for the sins of the past, the millions of lives lost, or the suffering endured, it can be argued that this policy should be a permeant effect for the life of the USA, yet detractors would argue that it should last a minimum amount of time. I cannot speak for the African American Community. I do not have that right, nor the privilege to do so. I can however say that if these policies were to only last for 30 years, it would be 30 years of restoring economic, financial, and cultural power into the hands of one of the most disenfranchised populations our nation has.


The African American population is not the only ethnic group that has suffered under the oppressive thumb of American Imperialism, and Colonialism. Those damages still reverberate to the present, so what can be done? Not every ethnic or religious group was enslaved, although Native Populations were murdered in the first recorded Genocide in American History. So what can be done for these populations?

I would argue for the same policies suggested for Reparations, omitting Health Care, and the separate basic income. I believe Education is the foundation for the future of any generation and what has been denied minority groups the most throughout our nation’s history. It is also one of the reasons I believe so strongly in Universal Education but not just for colleges and universities but for trades as well! It would be an interim solution to what would hopefully be an inevitable shift to Universal Education, which is why the interest free loans for major purchases should be considered, something that cannot be negated by a Universal Policy.

Unfortunately, the same problems arise, I can suggest legislative policies that enable and empower the economic might of the disenfranchised but how does that change the hearts and minds of Americans? If anything, it would reinforce the lies that Minority groups get free things handed to them while “hardworking Whites” are left holding dust, and dreams. So how can we truly address the disparity of our nations diverse populations?

To that end I would suggest that we have more cultural awareness events in local communities. When I lived in Springboro Ohio, the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati opened its doors to the community to teach any who were interested about the Muslim faith and way of life! It was such a stellar success that they have held many of these events with ever increasing numbers of attendees! Education, and immersion is how we accept each other’s difference in culture! I personally believe allocating funding at the federal level to enable cities and state to host such events would do more to mend the schisms between our diverse populations than any speech, or financial policy ever could! If we don’t know about each other how can we learn about each other? If we cannot learn about each other, then how can we share our lives with each other? Finally, if we cannot share our lives with each other how can we love and embrace each other as a greater American Family?!


It is shameful that such words need be written in modern times, but the discrimination against American Citizens for having differing gender identities, or sexual preferences must needs come to an end. There is no 1st amendment protection, or Religious justification for it. The Law states it must remain Ambiguous and fair to all citizen or else it is in violation of the Constitution. How is it not in violation of a Gay man, or a Transgender woman to live their lives with their beliefs, if the law denies them their identities, gender, or sexual orientation? How is it religious freedom to enforce Conservative, and regressive Christian views as law, in place of Hindu, or Native faiths which embrace the spectrum of gender and sexuality? It isn’t and all such laws must be struck down with extreme prejudice.

It is not State’s Rights to have a slave trade and it is not a State’s Right to use religious Dogma to persecute citizens that do not conform to a puritan Christian way of life. Furthermore, any laws in place that allow termination, or bar employment, or entry into government positions need to be struck down for the same reason. Businesses do not have the same rights as citizens, and the government is obligated to be secular and non-discriminatory. Denying Transgender servicemembers their right to serve In the military is unethical and a gross violation of their Constitutional Rights: freedom of expression. In this case their desire to fight for and defend their country, as well as being comfortable in their own skin!

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