We as people have always wondered what that giant ball of fire in the sky could be used for. Even from the days of antiquity, we utilized the suns rays in some form or fashion. All across the world, regardless of civilization or epoch, there was some utilization of the Sun. Now we find ourselves at the edge of an energy revolution that could completely redefine our energy consumption and needs. Here are some examples:
Geo-Energy: uses only the Earth’s natural temperature to heat and cool buildings while paying for itself within a decade. A ground source heat pump, only uses up to 1/2 of the electrical amount typically used by traditional systems, and they last 25-50 years!

Wind Power: could generate over 20% of the US energy requirements and only needs to hit a speed of 7 mph to be harnessed!!

Corn: is already primarily produced for feed and energy.

Small Scale Hydro-power: can be used by damming small areas of creeks, streams, or rivers to power your home/farm/building! Check with the Department of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy to calculate if your water source and building size will result in energy saved.

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The fact of the matter is that there are many different ways to power our world and our machines. The question is, why aren't we? It's because those individuals with the money and the power are too intent on maintaining their hold over the energy industry, despite all of the benefits and advancements that could be achieved by green technologies. During the COVID-19 quarantines around the world, the air quality was so positively impacted that you could see the difference from Space. This shows how possible it is to physically see the massive benefits of Clean Energy when there is worldwide participation. The Energy Information Administration estimates that as of 2018, renewable energy totals about 21% of the total energy used worldwide. This number could easily be raised higher than their predicted 25% by 2040, if we have the right leaders representing the voice and the will of the people in order to help our planet through any and all avenues, including clean energy.

Here are some sources to help you understand more about the various clean energy initiatives that could begin in this country tomorrow, as well as information about current energy usage:

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