Nate Scott

Repulican Racism

If you're old enough to remember trying to call someone only to hear a busy signal, the family drama of sharing a landline, and the jubilation and relief the invention of call waiting brought; you also remember a time that the smartest person you knew was the only thing that could save you from a trip to the library.

In those days, the obstacle of getting to the truth was often a lack of access. Today the truth is easily accessible, yet hides in plain sight among mountains of propaganda, well intended misinformation, conspiracy theories, claims of fake news, and actual fake news.

When it comes to racism in electoral politics, the Republican party (like the good liars they are), twist the truth with historical facts about the Democratic party. They would have us believe that the slave owners, who were democrats in the 19th century, would be democrats today. In their delusional world, the Republicans who refused to extend the Voting Rights Act today, would have been abolitionists in 1855. The GOP is, after all, the party of Lincoln, the “Great Emancipator.”

If you're one of those Trump cultists, who traffics in these deceptions, buckle your seat-belt, because we're about to take the wheels off the clown car you're riding in, and there is no AAA to tow you back from the land of cognitive dissonance.

Before we expose the gigantic social distance between the virus these mouth breathers spread and reality, let's acknowledge some of the truths they use to mask their lies.

It's a fact that slave owners and KKK members were Democrats. It's also a fact that the cities in which black people have political power, typically have Democratic leaders. Yet the problems that plague the black communities persists.

These jokers posing as historical scholars, while hilariously struggling to spell "there" and deriding us "libtards", have committed those facts to their memory and repeat them like a mantra every time the subject of race comes up.

The right wing media has poisoned their audience, who then regurgitate those talking point lines with scorn and leave bile stains on our public discourse. Luckily, all we need to clean up their mess is some commons sense, perspective, and elbow grease. Let's get to scrubbing.

First off, Simone Biles couldn't stick the landing on the logical back flip it takes to believe a tobacco plantation owner would be a pot smoking, peace loving, Birkenstock clad liberal today. It's just a hunch, but I suspect Jefferson Davis wouldn't have a black lives matter yard sign in the shade of his Confederate flag.

I've yet to hear it explained how the KKK, who votes exclusively Republican today, is not reflective of the Republican party's racism, but the KKK that supported Democrats in the past, is proof that Democrats today are racist. No doubt that explanation is missing because everyone who has attempted suffered a massive brain aneurysm, and is currently being treated by elitist doctors practicing their false religion of science. How mad they'll be to wake up and discover Medicaid paid their ER bill thanks to Obamacare.

The most valid point these "All Lives Matter" hypocrites have is how Democrats have failed black people when they have office. Republicans don't hold a monopoly on racism. Clinton continued the racist war on drugs and Nancy Pelosi would probably soil her Kente cloth if she had to walk the streets of East Oakland at night. According to Michael Eric Dyson, even Michelle Obama reportedly asked Barack why he never sides with black people. That said, let's not forget that Republicans can consistently be relied on to block any piece of legislation that Democrats do offer to help the black community.

Republicans refused to extend the Voting Rights Act. With that Civil Rights Legislation no longer impeding them, they have started to suppress the black vote. Perhaps even more significantly, they have racially gerrymandered cities to water down black voting power. They draw the districts in a way that concentrates black people into a single district, so instead of getting multiple representatives, they only get one; a strategy that has the bonus effect of limiting their influence in state legislatures where the districts are mostly drawn.

Republicans are opponents of affirmative action, reparations, police reform, universal healthcare, the decriminalization of drugs, and anything and everything else that helps the black community. Then they have the caucasity to assert that black people are being duped by the Democratic party. It's hard to fathom how much arrogance and racism it takes to believe that the approximate 90% of black people who vote for Democrats, are all too stupid to vote in their own self interest. That level of white supremacy would make Andrew Jackson blush.

The moral of this story is that the truth is simple and in plain sight. Do not get side tracked by "what about Chicago" the next time you're explaining the 1st Amendment to a "constitution loving" fascist, who are applauding police brutalizing protesters of police brutality, without the slightest sense of irony. They would know that Black Lives Matter activists care deeply about all the problems in the black community, if they knew any of them personally. And they would know some of them personally if they cared about black people themselves.

The truth is, like George W Bush, his daddy before him, Trump supporters and the Republicans as a whole, don't care about black people. That's why black folks don't vote for them, but the KKK does.

Now everyone knows the score. Which side are you on? 

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