What do you think of when you think of immigrants to the US? Do you immediately think of the Mexican border and over 5 million undocumented immigrants? Does it matter to you that those individuals are fleeing a country that has such horrid and corrupt conditions that they risk imprisonment or worse to find a better life? What about the thousands of people who take their oath of citizenship everyday after years living in this country? Do those people ever enter your thoughts? What about those who came before us and who helped build most, if not all, of this countries foundations? These are the questions that arise when discussing immigration when it should be embraced and cherished!

Our country, from the very beginning, was designed around the melting pot concept and the accumulation of varied and differing peoples from all over the world who are looking for a better prospect on life and liberty. Immigration should never be frowned upon, or made more difficult, to do so is an insult to the very core of our nations building and does a great disservice to our ancestors and those who came before. We should be celebrating the desire and motivation of other people to want to become citizens of this great country, not making it more difficult and denying people the opportunities to do so!

My mother and I are immigrants to this country and we have been living here for over 25 years. For those 25 years, we molded our lives and our futures by the opportunities afforded to us in this country. By the time I was 12, I had swore my oath to this country and when I was 19, I swore another oath to serve this country that has done so much for me! There are many immigrants, many people in this country, who have so much to offer and we cannot, in our hubris and xenophobic tendencies, deny these individuals their chance to shine!

Some of the greatest minds of the 20th century were immigrants, how do you think our world would be like today if we hadn't allowed Einstein to immigrate to the US? What about Madeline Albright? We forget that some of the greatest minds, athletes, and visionaries in our history were not from around here. That is the true tragedy. What's more, the fact that we are xenophobic is an even greater tragedy, and a blight on our culture of diversity and immigration!

Immigration reform

Let me perfectly clear, We The People of these United States are a nation of Immigrants. Our history is one of many cultures, many beliefs all seeking a place to call our own! Were it not for immigrants we would not have roads, railroads, or cultural advancements that we are known throughout the world for! Our diversity has been our strength from the very beginning and is something that needs to be embraced! So for me to see our nation engaging in Nazi style immigration practices that terrorize, dehumanize, and violate people of ethnic origins is an affront to my morality and this nation’s founding principle: E Plurbis Unum. Let me be perfectly clear on this subject: no human being is illegal, no human deserves to be treated inhumanely, all human beings have the right to liberty, life, and security.

The fact we have people in power, and neighbors who would like to debate that topic is a failure of our society and culture from that of a peaceful and loving community to a selfish and aggressive police state. I stand diametrically opposed to those individuals and will not bend on this issue, for I am an immigrant to this great nation and calling for the extermination, deportation, or insinuating that immigrants are animals unworthy of fair or humane treatment is equal to saying the same to me and my family. I will not tolerate it. I will not stand for it. I will not be quiet in my admonishment of those who dare speak such depraved words.

Worse still is that the trump administration in August of 2019 rewrote the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty to discriminate against immigrants rather than welcome them with open arms as it has been for over a century! Enough is enough! This cannot go on in our country and I for one will do all I can to prevent it from escalating further. To that end I propose the following initiatives:

  •  Amnesty for all immigrants currently in the United States Illegally
  • Path to Citizenship for ALL immigrants of ANY status 
  • Eliminating cost prohibitive bureaucracy to the process of citizenship 
  • Partnering with International Policing agencies for quick background checks on prospective immigrants 
  • Same day DNA testing for minors accompanied by adults 
  • Criminal activity discovered through this process will result in immediate deportation or arrest on US Soil 
  • Improve Visa Application processes to be less cost prohibitive and bureaucratic.  
  • Any necessity that would require a prospective immigrant to stay over night, or otherwise await results of background testing, DNA testing or other immigration requirements shall be afforded government sponsored quarters. Whether these are vouchers for hotels, or government facilities that have a minimum of rooms, facilities, and space for the respective immigrant and their circumstances: family, elderly, etc. they will ensure ethical treatment of the immigrant 
  • Dismantling of ICE as a Federal Agency, prosecution of all ICE agents from Director down to agent for violations of the Human Rights Charter from the United Nations. 
  • Prosecution and fines against employers who hired “illegal” immigrants or contacted ICE to conduct raids on work places to avoid paying settlements, or other legal binding activities. 
  • Location and Job assistance programs for immigrants to include job assessment, placement, education, language courses and housing assistance

These protocols will ensure that immigrants are treated with dignity during their entry into the United States, and our security is guaranteed by partnering with organization across the globe to conduct comprehensive and timely background checks. Furthermore, the addition of DNA testing with same day results ensures a mitigation of child trafficking occurrences by ensuring that adults that accompany minors are in fact relatives. There is no need for inhumane detention facilities, separating children from family or detaining kids in separate facilities. All those practices are inhumane and a direct violation of Human rights according to both national and international law. All violations or attempts to violate those laws shall be pursued to the fullest extent possible.

In short, I want to bring back the roots of our great nation as that of a nation of Immigrants, supporter of the disenfranchised, and humanitarian efforts!

The Statue of Liberty reads:

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Either we as a nation believe in this ideal or we do not. I for one never stopped believing in this ideal and is the hallmark of my immigration policy beliefs! The bottom line is we as a nation have an obligation to carry on our rich history and tradition of cultural diversity and encouraging immigration to help bring new insight and opportunities to our country!


ICE has proven time and time again to be a greater threat to their namesake than actual purveyors of US Immigration law. What’s even worse are the horrid conditions of these Concentration Camps at the border that force immigrants to live in squalor, without regular access to food, water, clothing, or hygiene items! There are many articles and videos showing the horrors these people are subjected to on a regular basis. These activities are reminiscent of the Nazi death camps and my goal is to hold the entire Agency accountable, from Director to Agent, for Crimes Against Humanity!

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