Sam Ronan

Sam Ronan believes in our democracy and the power of the people. He has dedicated his entire adult life to service to his countrymen through:

Running for State Representative in 2016,
DNC Chair in 2017 & 2021, Congress in 2018
and his Military Service with the United States Air Force.

Ronan has founded Our Voice USA which went on to develop the Hello Voter App, fulfilling his vision of creating free and accessible software. In doing so, he replaced the complex NPGVAN / Nation Builder, a privately held software leased to Democratic candidates that have the big money to pay for it). He and his team know the future of America is in the hands of the American People!

With the ongoing corruption of the Democratic Party during the 2016 and 2020 Presidential Election Cycles, and the continued subversion of the Constitution by the Republican party, now is the perfect time for an Independent leader to rise out of the ashes and fight for the American People!


The Questions & Answers you want about Samuel Ronan!


Why did you run as a Republican for US House in 2018?

"I get asked this question a lot actually, and the funny thing is the answer is pretty simple yet many people just don't seem to agree. I ran as a Republican because I was in a red district during a contentious election where there was very little hope for a Democrat to win. Therefore, I ran as a Republican with the intent of taking on the incumbent head to head on their own ground. The funny thing is my policies, left leaning as they are, were very well received among the general constituency even amongst Conservatives! If anything, running as a Republican proved that Progressive, and Populist ideologies were popular regardless of demographics, and that the main issue of electoral politics is the "Sports Team" mentality: Either Blue or Red, regardless of policy."


Why do you want to run for US Senate?

"I feel that I can make a great deal of difference to both my State of Ohio and the nation at large. What we are missing is a significant populist movement in our government, with elected members that actually give a damn about the common citizen. In the Senate, at the moment, that is literally just Bernie Sanders or Tammy Duckworth, and on occasion others like Sherrod Brown, or when it is convenient Elizabeth Warren. What we lack is coalition of elected leaders who are for, of, and by the people 24/7 and not when it is politically expedient or just to offer lip service. I believe as a Senator I can give a large platform to a great many Americans who feel disenfranchised!"


Why are you running as an Independent?

"This was a difficult yet obvious choice to make. I have ran for office previously and even the DNC Chair twice. I have ran under both major parties and realized both times that those systems are in place to ensure the status quo remains, or worse, that power brokers attain more influence. Either way that is unacceptable to me as a citizen, but to this nation's Democracy as a whole. I also think, that with the growing distaste of electoral politics relying on dual party dynamics means the opportunities to run as an independent or even 3rd party are better than ever before. Furthermore, if I may be so bold, I think people can trust an Independent that is no different from themselves significantly more than someone with a Major Party affiliation. At the end of the day people want fearless representatives fighting for bold change, who better than one of the very same people who want it?"


What does your military service mean to you?

"I come from a long line of service members going back to WWII and likely before as well! For me it was always understood that I would end up in the military but it wasn't always clear that I would enlist. However, enlisting was the best thing that could have happened to me in my early adult life. It gave me: purpose, structure, and direction. My service provided me with unique skills and allowed me to showcase talents I didn't know I had. The problem with the military as it stands today, and to a degree back then, is that our service, our mission, and our purpose is a giant lie. There are many more nuanced people out there than myself who can go into greater detail, but works like "War is a Racket" written in the Post WWII era haven't changed  at all in modern times.

For people like me who are proud of their service, it is a bitter pill to swallow that we were essentially pawns! That is one of the many reasons I left active duty to pursue a career in politics. It is also one of motivations to get elected so that military service can actually be fulfilled with honor and integrity the way it should have always been! If these MIC's, and War Hawks want to murder innocents in the Middle East then they should have the fortitude to go to the front lines themselves! Otherwise, we should focus on humanitarian efforts, and rebuilding the failing social infrastructure of our own country first!"

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