In the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many other black men and women who are victims of this racist system, it has become PAINFULLY clear just how deeply rooted the system is in the oppression, brutality and murder of black Americans. This is not new. Our country was built on the backs of slaves. One of the most egregious acts of self-service this nation has ever committed is when slave owners were awarded reparations, yet freed slaves received nothing.

Law enforcement has been predicated on racial profiling and brutality. They began as “slave watchers”. Prisoner leasing was just another form of slavery. As was share-cropping. Black Americans have been stripped of their heritage. They have been demonized and marginalized from day one. As have the Indigenous Peoples, whose culture has been all but wiped out. We do not educate in this country. We INDOCTRINATE. The purpose of this committee will be to:

  • Allow the victims to be HEARD.
  • Require the perpetrators to be held accountable .
  • Both sides of the aisle will be able to have a voice in the hopes of shattering stereotypes and implicit bias with education and understanding.
  • Allow Black Americans and Indigenous People the chance to say what THEY need as reparations.

We can all learn from each other. This issue is centuries old. This pain deeper than what a simple apology can heal. However, it IS a start. We need to start somewhere, and we need to start some time. So why not here? Why not NOW?
I also call for a special investigation in to every single public official, lawmaker and civil servant from state, local and federal offices and agencies to be investigated for ANY AND ALL ties to white nationalism, the KKK, and any other hate group. I demand immediate termination and/or resignation upon evidence of guilt. In order to purge the system of hate, we must purge those in power responsible for perpetrating and supporting that hate. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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