So what does the right to bear arms mean to you? Does it mean to tote around any and every type of weaponry to defend yourself with? Does it mean open carry for everyone? Does it mean anyone can own, operate, and possess a weapon regardless of background, training or knowledge? Does it mean responsibly owning, possessing, and operating a weapon for the purpose of recreation, or self defense? That seems to be a huge question into today's 2nd amendment debate. What does the Constitution have to say about the 2nd Amendment?

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Technically, our well regulated militia is the Guard and Reserve components of the various branches of our armed forces, and even then, technically, only the Guard is State ran, funded and supported making it the most eligible candidate for "militia" status. That being said, it has been debated up and down since the inception of our nation. There are many stories and articles about people open carrying and displaying their right to bear arms. Most of them are troubling, some are thought provoking, but most are jut trying to get their point across: we have the right to bear and keep arms thanks to the 2nd Amendment. 


The 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere and is one of the most divisive issues in politics, yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t any common ground to be had. The biggest issues people are concerned with is being in a registry maintained by the government. However, that is a moot point considering everyone has a Social Security Number, and Driver’s Licence or State ID. All Americans are already in some sort of database owned and controlled by the government. So why is this such a popular and reoccurring talking point? The main answer is fear of reprisal. People are afraid that if they end up on this registry anytime they so much as get a speeding ticket they will be treated differently than if they were never on the registry to begin with. That is a fair sentiment especially considering the attitude of law enforcement in recent years against citizens, or more specifically citizens of color.

That being said it is not an excuse to let all of the loopholes that currently exist within firearms regulations, and risk these weapons getting into the hands of people who would misuse them. We also don’t want to make it impossible for people to get their firearms either, so the solution is apply common sense to the problem:

  • Mandatory background checks for all gun sales .
  • No personal sales or gun show sales without proof of background check from credible source.
  • Online sales must include a background check process .
  • Crack down on “straw purchases” where people buy guns for criminals.
  • Mandatory use of force training, and firearms safety standardized for the nation, and augmented by the several States . 
  • This will set a legal foundation for prosecuting people who misuse firearms, or cause harm unto others through negligence .
  • This will set a legal foundation for prosecuting people who misuse firearms, or cause harm unto others through negligence .
  • This can be an additional code to existing ID’s such as a Driver’s Licence, and could also serve as a concealed carry permit with appropriate markings and training .
  • Ensure that the training is annual and held by a government agency .
  • Special certification requirements to own firearms that can hold high capacity magazines, and additional certifications to have high capacity magazines.
  • This will allow the continued purchase and ownership of what are considered “Assault Rifles”, and high capacity magazines by ensuring only properly trained, and certified individuals who went the extra mile to obtain these kinds of weapons have access to them.
  • People who already own such weapons and magazines will have 12 months to register them with their local government agency in charge of firearms training, or face heavy penalties
  • Hunting rifles will be strictly defined so that they can be purchased accordingly
  • Possibilities include: single shot only, low ammo capacity only, specific design and manufacturing elements only, no modification to the weapon other than hunting tools and accessories, etc.

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