Our Nation's Workers Need a Nation That Works for Them



We endeavor to remain steadfast in our commitment to uphold the dignity and human rights of all people. Those rights do not stop when people are on company time. We will be steady in our resolve to make all workplaces safe, inclusive, and prosperous for their workers. 

We must protect all workers from being exploited, and provide additional protections for groups that face discriminatory practices in the workplace. We will fight to strengthen current laws, and to enact new robust laws and regulations that prohibit all discrimination in hiring and work due to, but not limited to: race, age, gender, transgender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, physical disability, mental disability, immigration status, religion, agnostics or atheists, people with bad credit, people with work gaps due to family responsibilities, and ex convicts.

All the laws and regulations we support will apply to all workers, including those who are not considered employees; such as general and independent contractors. The laws and regulations we support include, but are not limited to:

  • Repealing all right to work laws.
  • Strong laws prohibiting retaliation for organizing or joining labor unions.  
  • $15/per hour minimum wage for all workers, including workers not classified as employees, such as general and independent contractors  
  • Time and a half overtime pay for all work over 40hrs.  
  • Double time pay for all work done on national or state holidays. 
  • Four weeks paid time off minimum.  
  • Four weeks guaranteed unemployment benefits for workers who are let go, regardless of the cause. 
  • Reasonable accommodations for disabled workers. 
  • Strict laws and penalties for retaliation against whistleblowers.  
  • Yearly pay raises for cost of living and inflation. 
  • 15 minute paid breaks for every 3.5 hours worked minimum.  
  • Regulations prohibiting drivers from working more than 12 hours in any 24 hour time frame.  
  • 1 year paid maternity leave. 
  • Repealing of all laws limiting employer liability for injury, or death, in the workplace.  
  • Stiff penalties for OSHA violations, to ensure safe workplaces.  
  • Regulations requiring employers compensate employees for mileage on their personal vehicles, when used for work purposes.  
  • Laws requiring employers pay for damages to employees personal vehicles, when damage occurred while being used for work purposes.  
  • These are just some of the robust laws and regulations we support to stop the exploitation of all workers in this country. 
  • We will also move to legalize all sex work, in order to regulate and make their work environment safe and free from sexual coercion and harassment.  
  • Lastly, we will provide universal health insurance, which will free employees from having to consider health insurance in their decisions on who they should or should not work for. 

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